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Universität zu Köln
ZAIK - Zentrum für Angewandte Informatik

General Information

The center of applied computer science of the University of Cologne (ZAIK/RRZK) provides compute servers, storage systems, communication infrastructure, visualization facilities, and software for grid computing for virtual D-Grid organizations and is involved in the BMBF-funded projects

  • Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid (C3Grid)
  • Sustainable Grid Infrastructure (SuGI)
More details on the provided resources may be found in the following paragraphs and/or D-Grid's information system GRRS:

Resource Information

Resource c3grid

ZAIK/RRZK provides non-BMBF-funded compute resources together with a BMBF-funded disk storage system to the C3Grid climate community (which is organized in the D-Grid VO C3Grid). Currently this system includes

  • SUN Opteron Cluster VZ20
    • up to 56 nodes for climate processing
    • 2 cores / node
    • 4-8 GB RAM / node
    • 1 node always reserved especially for VO C3Grid
    • Infiniband Interconnect
    • Grid access via Globus Toolkit 4.0.x through C3Grid portal
    • WS-Gram with SUN Grid Engine 6

  • Panasas AS-3000 Storage System
    • parallel file system PanFS
    • 10 TB capacity, shared with SuGI cluster, see below
    • within C3Grid used for workspace & data and compute providing issues

Contact: Volker Winkelmann, Viktor Achter

Resource submit.sugi

Especially for chemistry and life-science communities the BMBF project SuGI provides compute resources funded by BMBF and hosted at University of Cologne, University of Kaiserslautern and University of Kassel. At the University of Cologne the following "SuGI Cluster" may be accessed by members of the D-Grid VO LifeScience:
  • ProLiant BL Server
    • 32 blades
    • 2 x Intel Xeon E5345 Quad-Core-Processor 2,33 GHz on each blade
    • 32 GB RAM / blade
    • 72 GB local SAS hard disk / blade
    • Infiniband Interconnect

  • Panasas AS-3000 Storage System
    • 5.0 TB for /scratch (all cluster nodes)
    • on agreement /home (all cluster nodes)

  • Globus 4.0.x Server
    • host:
    • GridFTP (access to /scratch & /home)
    • WS-Gram (with adapter for PBS/Torque)
    • RFT
    • MDS

  • Globus 4.0.x Client
    • host:
    • GSI-SSH, Port 2222
    • access to /scratch & /home

Contact: Viktor Achter, Volker Winkelmann, Sebastian Breuers

Resource c3rc.zaik

The University of Cologne provides a BMBF-funded tape archive system which will together with equivalent components at AWI, DKRZ, DWD & ZIB build up a C3Grid community repository center (C3RC) for storing and retrieving large climate data bases of the C3 community. At the University of Cologne grid access is realized through SRM/dCache.

  • Storage Hardware
    • IBM Tapelibrary TS3500 mit 4 extension cabins
    • 4 x IBM TS1120 tape drives
    • 2 x IBM xSeries x3755 servers (TSM head node & dCache server)
    • 32 TB SATA

  • Grid Services
    • host:
    • dCache version: 1.9.0-2
    • protocols: srm, dcap, gsiftp, xrootd

Contact: Volker Winkelmann, Viktor Achter