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Short Film: Climate Research

Flash floods in Pakistan, India and Australia, crop losses and fires in Africa and Russia, hurricanes and cyclones in many places on the earth.

The global climate is changing noticably, and everyone contributes to it.

For years now, scientists have been collecting emission measurement data all over the world in order to document changes in climate - every measurement is a piece of the puzzle in the global climate picture.

That's not enough to understand our climate however. An overall picture take shape only, when we link these data. New innovative grid technologies can help in this endeavor.

You can find the film about D-Grid and Climate Research for download here:

DGrid-ClimateResearch-Web-large.mp4 [33mb]
DGrid-ClimateResearch-best-1024x576.mp4 [152mb]


Virtual Research Worlds: New Technology in the Humanities

Computer-supported methods and techniques are changing research, not only in the natural sciences, but also increasingly in the text-based humanities. These methods provide assistance in investigating diverse research questions and also encourage genuinely new perspectives.

This film demonstrates how virtual research environments enable researchers to make use of networked research, and how they open up new possibilities, such as in the creation of digital editions.